nowing how our communication and thinking works and the impact it has on our lives can completely change our lives

– Simon Hofer

The stage is my home, my living room. I give my keynotes in German or English

Entrepreneur with international experience, expert in neuroscience and communication, and book author

Simon Hofer speaks about: Neuroscience and Communication / Change Management / Neurocommunication / Personality Development / Leadership / Entrepreneurship

We are what we think, whether we like it or not

This is not a quote, but a scientifically proven fact. But what happens when we start to use our thoughts and thus our energy purposefully? Our lives begin to change in incredible ways!


"Communication is everything and without communication everything is nothing"

What Simon is talking about:
Simon combines neuroscience with communication and calls it all neurocommunication. He uses exciting facts from the world of brain and communication research to show us how much potential we all still have in this area. His findings are prepared for managers, entrepreneurs and all those who bear or want to bear responsibility in such a way that they can be directly put into practice. In doing so, he combines humour, facts and the latest research findings according to the magazine "Geschäftsführer" in a clear and very understandable way, yet with the precision of a Swiss watch.

Who Simon is:
Simon is a motivator, or as Frank Asmus puts it, a "motivational content speaker", one who not only convinces people factually and professionally, but also touches them emotionally. Thanks to his vast life experience on various continents and a history of experiencing business and personal lows and highs, Simon has an enormously broad spectrum of experience that he passes on in his keynotes.
Simon is a Professional Speaker Member of the German Speaker Association (GSA). He is a two-time winner of the Excellence Speaker Award and a member of the Radio Experten Team DACH. He is a sought-after interview guest on radio and TV stations in the DACH countries. His public keynote videos have been watched by more than 400 thousand people in the last 12 months. In the summer of 2020, his first book entitled, The 95/5 Formula, was published by Redline's business publishing house and made it straight into the bestseller lists. In September 2021, the next book by and with Simon Hofer was published, entitled, The New Success Standard.
Simon can be booked exclusively through the renowned speaker agency Premium Speakers.

Simon Hofer - professional motivational content speaker with years of experience and unique approach
Years of experience, having lived through various highs and lows and sound specialist knowledge make Simon Hofer a motivational speaker who manages to give completely new impulses for your life with his lectures and seminars. As a keynote speaker, he is available to companies and private individuals and shows how effectively human thoughts can be used to successfully implement new things and better understand existing ones. In this way, as an engaging and optimistic speaker who acts with a dose of humour, he paves the way to more motivation, success and happiness.

Unique motivational seminars
Simon Hofer organises unique motivational seminars for his clients, which help the participants not only in their everyday professional lives, but also in their private lives. One of the motivational speaker's main goals is to specifically increase the satisfaction of a company's employees, but also to consciously strengthen them so that they are committed to their various tasks. Simon Hofer's motivational seminars were specifically designed for company executives in order to expand their knowledge in practice.

Relearning to think
One of the key points that Simon Hofer addresses as a keynote speaker in his lectures is to relearn how to think. With the knowledge he has acquired himself about human ways of thinking, today he manages to motivate numerous listeners to deal with their own thoughts. The targeted use of one's own thoughts makes it possible to strengthen one's own function. In doing so, he lets his experiences flow into each of his lectures. He talks openly about mistakes he has made himself and about losses and defeats he has had to accept, but he also shows what enormous power the right way of thinking has and how much it can change a life positively! Translated with (free version)


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